Nomad Cycle is a full service bicycle shop in Astoria, Queens, NY.

We offer all the services of a traditional bicycle shop, plus add DIY repair stations, classes and events to create a place where all cyclists and proto-cyclists can feel at home.

We carry bicycles from  Marin Bikes, RaleighYuba, Tribe BicyclesSurly and All City.

We offer a wide range of bicycles from these brands as well as restored pre-owned bicycles.  

We also offer a broad range of parts and accessories, both mainstream products and locally crafted artisanal alternatives.


The Nomad Team

Damon Strub – Founder

Damon has been restoring, repairing and racing motorcycles and bicycles for over forty years.  He is a graduate of the United Bicycle Institute Professional Repair and Shop Operation course, and also holds a Masters of Architecture degree from M.I.T.  Damon has had a thirty year career as an Architect, including the past fifteen years operating his own firm, Nomad Architecture.  He has ridden a bike almost every day for several decades now.



Mario  Bustamante – Mechanic

Mario is a Queens native and has been an avid cyclist and skateboarder since childhood.  He studied mechanical engineering at City College, has worked as a NYC messenger and has been wrenching on cars, motorcycles and bikes for 8 years.  Mario gets extra excited about track racing and fixed gear riding.  Mario is also our master wheel builder.


Shlomo Vidal – Head Mechanic 

Shlomo has been in the bike industry for a hundred years. Born and raised in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood he began riding bicycles as an affordable way to get to and from school. He started volunteering at local bike co-ops and went on to work for major shops in Chicago and later Los Angeles as well as New York. He loves all things CX or XC and has a real passion for 90’s MTB frames”.