Products We Like

We are always on the lookout for locally made, well-crafted and well-designed components that offer a quality alternative to the usual mass market stuff.

Some products we offer that we are particularly fond of include:

Spurcycle Bells

This is by far the best looking, best sounding, best crafted and most durable bell we have come across. It’s fabricated in California by a small startup company. All components are stainless steel, no steel to rust or plastic to break in a week.

Available in raw stainless or blackened stainless:  $55.

Rudi Mayr Saddles

Rudi salvages damaged old leather saddles from Brooks and others and restores them with new leather tops; tops that are thicker and more durable than the originals. Rudi reproduces the original graphic, creates his own original stamps or does custom stamps per customer’s request. Made in New Jersey.

Various models to choose from:  $120.

Depell Leather Handlebar Tape

Beautiful, comfortable and durable natural leather handlebar tape from a small manufacturer in Australia. We are the only US distributor.

Available in brown, black, red and blue. $55.