Maintenance and Repair

We welcome all repairs, no matter how large or small.

From competitive road bikes with electronic shifting to vintage Raleigh’s – we are familiar with repairs to both contemporary and vintage components.

Our servicing process:  When you bring your bike in for service we will look over it with you, discuss the problem you are having and the work required and provide a price quote.

Our mechanics work out front.  You are more than welcome to hang out at the shop, watch them work and discuss the repair with them.

Many repairs we can be completed while you wait. For more complex or time consuming repairs, we will schedule your repair and give you an estimated completion date.  You can even pre-schedule a repair time on line and bring the bike in at that time. If there are any surprises while we are servicing your bike, our mechanic will contact you and go over all your options.

All of our mechanics are highly skilled with many years of experience.  But just as importantly, we implement management and quality control procedures that help our mechanics to do their best work.  

Tune Ups and Overhauls

We offer three levels of tune up: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Silver ($75)

Our silver tune up covers the basics and is ideal for a bike that is in good condition and just needs a little sprucing up.

The silver tune up includes:

  • Our 20 point bike safety check
  • Complete bike wash
  • All brakes and shifters are adjusted
  • Headset, wheel and bottom bracket bearings are checked and adjusted
  • The chain, chainrings and cassette are cleaned in place
  • The wheels are laterally trued


Gold ($150)

Our Gold tune up is equal to the traditional “full tune up”.

The gold tune up includes:

  • Complete bike wash
  • Our 20 point bike safety check
  • Shifter and brake cables are replaced
  • All brakes and shifters are lubed and adjusted
  • All headset, wheel and bottom bracket bearings are disassembled, cleaned and re-lubed.  All loose ball bearings are replaced
  • The chain and cassette are removed from the bike, ultrasonically cleaning, re-lubed and reinstalled
  • The wheels are trued both laterally and radially
  • Handlebar tape is replaced


Platinum ($240)

Our platinum tune up is a complete down-to-the-frame overhaul and returns the bike to as-new condition.

This is an excellent option to start off the new racing season or revive dad’s vintage bike that has sat dormant for a few decades.

The platinum tune up includes:

  • The bike’s settings are measured and recorded, then it is completely disassembled down to the bare frame
  • The frame is cleaned, buffed and polished
  • If applicable the bottom bracket threads are faced and chased
  • All components that do not have internal bearings are ultrasonically cleaned and re-lubed
  • All bearings are replaced
  • All cables and housings are replaced
  • Chain is replaced (and cassette if necessary)
  • Wheels are trued both laterally and radially
  • Handlebar tape is replaced
  • Bike is reassembled back to the original settings
  • If you desire to upgrade or change any components while we are at it, there is no added charge to reassemble the bike with different components.