Have an idea for a custom build? Want a bicycle suited specifically to your unique needs and tastes? We love working on custom builds at Nomad, and are happy to help with any stage of the build — from choosing parts to putting it all together.

Below are some of our recent custom build bike projects. Each was created to meet the specific aesthetic and functional requirements of our customer.

Our bikes can be divided into three categories:

  • Metisses

  • Restorations

  • Bespoke Road Bikes.


Metisses start with high quality vintage frames and incorporate new and used parts to create original bikes specifically designed to their owner’s requirements.  All wearing parts such as bearings, tires, cables and brakes are new.


Restorations faithfully restore a vintage bike to its original appearance and performance.  We retain the original paint and components when we can and refinish or replace where necessary.  We often do a lot of research to identify and obtain the correct components.

Bespoke Road Bikes

Bespoke road bikes are built to order high performance road bikes. We work with our customers to select the frame and all components to meet their budget and performance requirements.  We can work with our in-house frame maker Jim Nachlin or a number of other frame makers, or we can help you select a stock frame from a number of suppliers we work with.